The Urban Warrior

The Urban Warrior is one who is disciplined in character, fitness, leadership, and protection.

Urban Warrior Creed

Character is the beliefs, attitudes, and values that guide my decisions.

To master character I must live the warrior spirit, walk the warrior code,

practice a disciplined mind, consider others first, and choose a positive attitude.

Fitness is my ability to recover from stress.

To master fitness it I must stay hydrated, stay rested,

fuel my body for nutrition, get quality exercise, and avoid addictions.

Leadership is influencing others through my actions, attitudes, and beliefs.

To master leadership I must focus on my goal, hold to my convictions,

build others along the way, empower others to do, and understand there will be losses.

Protection is my ability to defend against threats – perceived or real.

To master protection I must decide before, maintain awareness,

take command, keep boundaries and take action.

Warrior Spirit

resilience and perseverance during hardships

Warrior Code

is the combined traits of








and self-control.