Four Punch Promise &
Fearless Guarantee

Four Punch Promise

Professional Instruction

Urban Warrior Protection has professional instructors that are trained to provide you instruction in a safe and respectful manner. Our instructors do not have egos nor have anything to prove. Except how great you can be!

Relevant Information

Everything from the method of training, the information, to the techniques have a clear purpose. You get information you can put to use immediately. You are going to take away something that will help you be safer and hit harder.

No B.S. Techniques

The techniques and targets areas that you work and train are realistic and can be applied under extreme stress, in real-world situations, and at full speed and power. You are not going to have to spend a lifetime perfecting some ancient “secret” technique to make it work. There is no B.S. in what you are going to be able to do. You learn the skill, you test the skill, you trust the skill.

Personalized Training

The training you participate in is developed to take you from your current skill and comfort level and increase it at the speed you are comfortable with. Are you outgoing and ready to tackle the world? Great. Your coach will help you smooth out your skill and give you a few pointers. Are you shy and a little timid? No problem. Your coach will show you how to limit your chances of being a victim and what to do to be more assertive.

Our Fearless Guarantee

If during one of our seminars, before the final training sequence, you believe we have broken any of our promises, that we are full of fluff, that what we are teaching plainly will not work, just let one of our instructors know. We will refund 100% of your money and you can leave having lost none of your money.

If there are any parts of the seminar that you find too intense and you are not able to complete them, either for physical or emotional reasons, we will happily invite you back to take the same seminar again at no cost.

You can always repeat the same course, either to have fun or to keep your training regular, at 50% off.