7 Golden Rules of Protection

This is part 1 of a 7 part series.

There are many ideas out in “Self-Defense Land” as to what makes a “good” self-defense move. Here at Urban Warrior Protection we have a set of guidelines that we use when training “what-if” scenarios. It helps us to quickly focus into a response that is most likely to work.

Do not get too stuck on the word “rules”. They are really guidelines. We will break these down one at a time to discuss them in a little more detail. Here are all seven “rules”:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Be decisive
  3. Rapidly engage / rapidly disengage
  4. Stay on your feet
  5. Defend and counterattack simultaneously
  6. Exploit weaknesses to take advantage
  7. Dominate the aggressor

Nothing says “I don’t know how to fight” like a 21 step defense to a label grab with a threatening fist.

Rule 1. Keep it simple.

Why is it important to keep the response simple?

If you are involved in a potentially violent situation your body begins to get adrenalized. There are some benefits to having this adrenaline pumping in your veins, like superior strength However you tend to loose cognitive thought process. Personally, I’m okay with this trade-off. But, like most of us, you probably have that one friend that doesn’t seem to have enough smarts to start with. Let alone trade any off. Best to keep it simple.

Many times you will not have the entire gravity of the situation figured out. Are there more attackers? Will this turn into a run verses a fight? Is this guy actually some wanna-be MMA fighter strung out on drugs? It is important to conserve your energy and strength. Attacks on the street are not like Hollywood movies where it can go on for ten minutes with both sides getting all bloodied and banged up from falling off roofs and having boards smashed across your face. Unless you are an athlete you will not have the stamina to keep exerting energy. A quick burst of speed and power and your body will be begging for it to be over. Your mind might even start asking if all this effort is worth your wallet/purse/shoes, etc.

Listen. I am not saying you have to be an athlete to protect yourself. I am not. You do not have to be. I am saying that you need to keep it simple because you do not know what is coming next and you are not training physically for combat each day. Oh, you are. Well then, best to do what the military does. K.I.S.S. (Keep it simple stupid).

So here is how this will probably go

You are walking down the street and notice someone has been following you for a block or two. You walk into a store and when you come out the person is now standing right in front of you saying how bad of a day you are about to have. Typically using four letter words. You put your hands up and yell for him to “Back off”! Which he doesn’t. He instead gets into your personal space, yells some more profanities, and begins to reach behind him. You palm him in the face while yelling “NO!”. He crashes to the ground mumbling something and then sounds like he is crying. You are left standing there thinking, “Wait. Get up. I have a knee ready. And… And… I was gonna elbow you in the face to end it.”

Simple is always proven

When I do FAST Defense seminars where I put on the Predator Armor, I constantly get the student who rattles off some crazy complicated weapon disarm or wrist escape. One of two things happens. Most times the student forgets to try it. No surprise. Or they try it and it has no effect. Again, no surprise.

You can save yourself time training. And probably save yourself period, if you just keep it simple.