7 Golden Rules of Protection

This is part 7 of a 7 part series.

There are many ideas out in “Self-Defense Land” as to what makes a “good” self-defense move. Here at Urban Warrior Protection we have a set of guidelines that we use when training “what-if” scenarios. It helps us to quickly focus into a response that is most likely to work.

Do not get too stuck on the word “rules”. They are really guidelines. We will break these down one at a time to discuss them in a little more detail. Here are all seven “rules”:

  1. Keep it simple
  2. Be decisive
  3. Rapidly engage and then rapidly disengage
  4. Stay on your feet
  5. Defend and counterattack simultaneously
  6. Exploit weaknesses to take advantage
  7. Dominate the aggressor

Go. And don’t stop till you’ve won.

Rule 7. Dominate the aggressor

If the time comes to get physical – you need to go all out. In the movies the actors trade blows back and forth. It’s really stupid sometimes. Hit, wait, observe, get hit, repeat. Don’t be like that. When it comes time to hit do so and do not let up until you know that the aggressor no longer a threat to you.

There are only a few ways to be certain an aggressor is no longer going to be a problem and none of them involve whispering and gently patting someone. They all involve intensity, high energy, being loud, and hitting hard and often.

You need to dominate the aggressor.